how did elisha help a widow pay her debt?

Elisha’s incredible help to a hurting widow is a remarkable story of care and cleverness. With his unparalleled wisdom, he not only lifted her from the weight of debt, but changed her life in an incredible way.

In those days, debts could result in terrible outcomes such as slavery. The widow was in a dire situation with no way to pay the moneylender. She was scared of losing her children and herself to slavery.

At this point, Elisha, a respected prophet, stepped in and provided his miraculous guidance. With great sympathy for her distress, he asked her what she owned. The desperate woman said she had two small jars of oil.

Elisha thought about something special he could do with this ordinary possession. He asked her to borrow empty vessels from her neighbours – as many as she could. She followed Elisha’s instructions with a faint ray of hope.

Then, Elisha told her to pour the oil from one jar into all the borrowed vessels. Miraculously, the divinely multiplied oil filled every container until they overflowed with abundance! The widow now had enough oil to sell and pay off all her debts.

This inspiring tale displays Elisha’s tremendous power to ease suffering. It also shows his insight into human difficulties. Through his intervention in everyday lives, he sparked faith and demonstrated that miracles can happen even in dire times.

Background on the Widow’s Debt

The Widow’s Debt was a big problem. Elisha, known for his wisdom and divine connection, came to her rescue. She had no way to pay back her creditors. Elisha had an idea. He asked the widow to get empty jars from her neighbors. He told her to pour her small amount of oil into them. It was an unusual plan, but it worked. The oil multiplied and filled all the jars. Now she had enough oil to sell and pay back her debts.

Sometimes, when things seem impossible, you need to try something new. This can lead to amazing results.

Elisha, a prophet in biblical times, was a great help to a widow struggling with debt. He gave her faith back and showed his kindness. He asked her what she had, and she said she only had a small jar of oil. He then told her to get many empty vessels from her neighbors. This was a sign to show how much God could provide.

Elisha asked her to pour the oil from her jar into all the vessels until they were all full. Miraculously, the oil filled all the vessels and when there were no more vessels, it stopped pouring! This was an incredible demonstration of God’s grace and mercy.

We can learn many lessons from this story. Firstly, resourcefulness is important during hard times. We must use our strengths to overcome difficulties. Secondly, have faith and trust that help will come. Lastly, no debt is too big with faith and divine intervention.

Step 1: Elisha’s Initial Interaction with the Widow

Elisha’s connection with the Widow began by helping her pay her debts. Here’s a guide to comprehend how he assisted her:

  1. Identification: Elisha, a prophet, noticed the widow’s money problems and felt her anguish.
  2. Compassionate Listening: He paid attention to what she said without interruption or judgement.
  3. Assessment: After hearing her story, he inspected her funds and debts to decide the amount of her debt.
  4. Strategic Action: He advised her to get as many containers as possible and lend from neighbours.

Also, while giving her aid, Elisha was kind and patient, allowing the widow to take part in the process without any extra pressure or worry.

Pro Tip: When aiding others in need, it is essential to treat them with sympathy, attentive listening skills, and tailored strategies appropriate to their particular situation.

Step 2: Elisha’s Instruction to Gather Empty Containers

Elisha Gives Directions to Collect Empty Vessels:

This step is essential. Elisha has instructions on gathering empty containers. Three simple steps:

  1. Check your area: Look for different sizes and shapes of containers that can contain oil. Think outside the box.
  2. Search everywhere: Be thorough in your mission. Look in every corner of your community for as many containers as you can.
  3. Get a variety: Try to get a range of shapes and sizes. That way, you can receive plenty of oil.

Elisha’s instructions show his resourcefulness and faith. This event is a reminder of obedience and trust.

There is a true story about a widow who was deep in debt after her husband died. Someone heard about her and anonymously paid her debts. This gave her a new beginning and hope. It is like Elisha’s action, which shows how we can help those in need.

Step 3: The Miracle of the Multiplying Oil

Elisha did a miraculous thing to save a widow. Let’s look at how it happened!

  1. He asked her to get all the empty containers she could find.
  2. Then, he told her to pour the little oil she had into each one.
  3. Astonishingly, the oil multiplied and filled them all!
  4. He then said she could sell the oil and use the money to pay her debts.

This story shows Elisha can perform supernatural deeds to help the needy. In our darkest moments, hope for a miracle remains.

Don’t miss your chance to witness incredible wonders! Believe in miracles and keep an open heart – they might happen in your life too!

Step 4: Elisha’s Guidance on Selling the Oil

Elisha brought a turning point for the widow’s debt situation. Here is how:

  1. Gather Empty Vessels: He asked her to collect as many empty vessels as she could from friends and neighbours.
  2. Pour Oil: Then, she poured the little oil she had into the vessels.
  3. Multiply Oil: Miraculously, the oil multiplied and filled all the vessels.
  4. Sell Oil: Elisha advised her to sell the oil and use the money to pay off her debts.
  5. Pay Debts: She sold the oil and used the money to settle her debts.
  6. Prosperity: This intervention not only solved her financial crisis, but also restored her prosperity.

Pro Tip: Wise counsel and unconventional advice can give unexpected breakthroughs in difficult times.

Step 5: The Widow’s Debt is Paid Off

Elisha came to the rescue of a debt-ridden widow in a remarkable way. He gave her valuable advice and solutions to ease her financial distress. Let’s break down how he managed this feat.

  1. Step one: Elisha asked the widow about her belongings and debts, to be sure he was aware of her situation.
  2. Step two: Then, he asked her to collect empty vessels from her neighbors, signaling his plan to multiply her resources magically.
  3. Step three: He told her to fill the vessels with oil until they were all full.
  4. Step four: Miraculously, the oil multiplied, and she was able to fill numerous jars.
  5. Step five: With a surplus of oil, Elisha told the widow to sell it to pay off her debts.
  6. Step six: By following his instructions, she sold enough oil to settle every debt and have a secure income.

The extraordinary part of this story is not only how Elisha guided the widow but also each step’s importance in solving her financial crisis.

For individuals struggling with debt, there are other ways to help. Get advice from financial experts who can provide plans for your situation. Make a budget and track your expenses to find areas to save money. Look for extra income like part-time jobs or freelance work. And lastly, be frugal by cutting down on unnecessary spending to pay off debts faster.


We see Elisha’s generosity in the captivating story of a widow burdened with immense debt. Through his compassion and resourcefulness, he not only helped her pay off the debt, but also provided her and her sons with future provisions.

First, Elisha asked about her resources. He found the only thing she had was a jar of oil. He saw potential in this and told her to borrow empty vessels from her neighbors.

Then, he instructed her to fill them with oil. Miraculously, the oil multiplied and filled all the vessels. This extraordinary event not only cleared her debt, but also left an abundance of oil to be sold.

Elisha showed us that creative problem-solving can provide solutions. In times of difficulty, we must explore alternatives and seek advice from wise individuals. We must assess our resources, as we often have untapped assets which can help us overcome financial difficulties.

We must also build strong relationships with those around us, as their support and assistance can be crucial. Just as Elisha’s plan relied on the help of her neighbors, we should seek help from our friends and family members. They may possess valuable insights to help us out of financial predicaments.

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