Step-by-Step Guide: How to Become a Plus Size Model for Shein

  1. If you want to be a plus size model for Shein, there are steps to take:
  2. First, understand your body type and measurements. This will help you know if you meet Shein’s requirements.
  3. Then, make a portfolio that shows your style and personality. This is important so Shein can see your potential.
  4. Networking is key. Go to fashion events, contact modeling agencies that specialize in plus size models, and talk with other plus size models.
  5. Also, stay updated on trends in the plus size fashion field. This shows your commitment.
  6. Stay healthy. Exercise, eat right, and take care of yourself. Your body is your asset so maintain it.
  7. Professional training and posing workshops for plus size models can help you hone your skills.
  8. Show confidence and passion. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

Tip: Be unique. Authenticity draws brands like Shein. So, don’t be afraid to be different!

Understanding the requirements to become a plus-size model for Shein

To become a plus-size model for Shein, there are certain criteria to meet. The brand looks for people with confidence and charisma to represent their diverse clothing line. Plus-size models should feel good in their own skin and radiate assurance on camera.

The requirements Shein expects are:

  1. Proportional body measurements
  2. Height of 5’7″ – 5’10”
  3. US 12-18 sizes
  4. Varied age range, usually above 18
  5. Previous modeling experience preferred

Shein values diversity and may make exceptions for those with unique qualities or talents. If you’re interested in becoming a plus-size model for them, maintain professionalism during the application process and follow their criteria.

Shein has gained global popularity in recent years. As of September 2021, their online platform receives over 100 million visits per month*. This shows how influential they are in the fashion industry.

Aspiring models should take advantage of this opportunity. By understanding and following Shein’s criteria, plus-size individuals can break into the fashion world.

Developing confidence and self-esteem

To become a plus-size model for Shein, here are some tips to help on your journey:

  1. Acceptance: Acknowledge your beauty and appreciate it. This leads to more confidence and self-esteem.
  2. Positivity: Have a positive mindset and be around uplifting people. Do activities that boost your self-worth.
  3. Self-expression: Show your individuality and use fashion to express yourself. Try different trends, colours and shapes.
  4. Role models: Look up to successful plus-size models. They prove beauty is not about size – use this to fuel your ambition.

At auditions, show professionalism. Have a portfolio of your best work. Be active on social media – connect with professionals and share your passion. Success takes time and patience. Keep honing your craft and stay true to yourself.

Now is the time to start this empowering path. Don’t let fear stop you. Reach out to agencies, attend open calls and take every opportunity that comes your way. Plus-size modelling awaits! Make your dreams a reality.

Finding a reputable modeling agency or platform

  1. Research loads! Search for modeling agencies/platforms that work with plus-size models. Note their reputation, customers, and successes.
  2. Network in the industry! Attend fashion events. Join online groups. Connect with other plus-size models for tips and advice.
  3. Show off your portfolio! Create a portfolio featuring your versatility as a plus-size model, with professional photoshoots and candid shots that show your unique personality.
  4. Submit applications thoughtfully! Select agencies/platforms that fit your goals and values. Include a cover letter and professional photos with your application.
  5. Grow! Improve not just physically, but also in communication, professionalism, and perseverance. Be patient – finding the right agency/platform may take time.
  6. Fun fact: Shein is an international e-commerce company much loved for its low-cost, fashionable clothing!

Building a strong portfolio

To craft a top-notch portfolio for Shein, consider the following:

  • Varied styles: Show off your adaptability by including a range of clothing styles – from casual to formal – in your portfolio.
  • Body positivity: Wear outfits that flaunt your body shape and display confidence and pride.
  • Varied locations: Demonstrate versatility by including photos taken in different environments.
  • Professional photographers: Up your portfolio’s quality by working with experienced photographers.
  • Uniqueness: Stand out from the crowd with elements that make you unique.

Pay attention to details like facial expressions and posing techniques. Create a collection of images that captures who you are as a model.

Take inspiration from Ashley Graham, a renowned plus-size model. Her carefully curated portfolio, including her curves and self-assurance, has gained her worldwide admiration. With dedication and smart choices, she broke through fashion industry barriers, becoming an icon for plus-size representation.

Crafting a strong portfolio takes time and effort. Let your personality shine through each image and stay true to yourself. With a strong portfolio, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your dreams of modeling for Shein.

Networking and building connections in the industry

  1. Go to industry events and fashion shows. Exchange contact info & follow up with personalized messages.
  2. Use social media, like Instagram & LinkedIn, to connect with insiders. Engage with their content to build meaningful relationships.
  3. Join online communities & forums for the modeling industry. Participate, ask questions, & offer support to build your network.
  4. Collaborate with photographers, stylists, & makeup artists. These collabs can lead to valuable connections & exposure.
  5. Contact Shein directly via email or social media. Showcase your portfolio & previous work.

Ashley Graham is an example of networking success. Through actively engaging, attending events, & utilizing social media, she built a strong network that led her to work with brands like Shein. By following her footsteps, aspiring plus-size models can increase their chances of breaking into the industry.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body image

Adopting a balanced diet is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutrient-filled foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Regular physical activity is great for wellbeing and body image. Enjoy activities like dancing, swimming, or yoga to increase confidence and satisfaction.

Foster an environment of like-minded people who understand the journey of self-acceptance. This can provide empowerment and embrace curves.

Plus size models should prioritize personal care, like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. These details create a healthy lifestyle that’ll benefit physical and mental wellbeing.

Pro Tip: Transform your mindset too! Self-love, daily positive affirmations, and celebrating unique beauty will help you succeed as a Shein plus size model.

Keeping up with industry trends and fashion

Staying up-to-date with fashion trends is vital for aspiring plus size models aiming to collaborate with Shein. Knowing the latest styles, colors, and designs will not only show off your talent, but make you stand out from the crowd. Keep an eye on fashion mags, follow renowned designers on socials, attend fashion shows, and network with industry professionals to stay informed.

As a plus size model wanting to work with Shein, it’s crucial to understand their aesthetic and target audience. Research their previous campaigns and collections to gain insight into their style preferences and creative direction. This will help you customize your portfolio to show outfits that fit their brand identity. Checking out their current collaborations with other models can also give you inspiration for looks that could grab their attention.

Networking is a must in keeping up with fashion trends. Attend events like trade shows, launch parties, or mixers to meet people with the same passion. Connecting with people who understand industry trends can spark creative ideas and be a great source of info.

To emphasize the importance of staying up-to-date, here’s Sarah Parker’s story. Aspiring to work with renowned brands like Shein, she made it her mission to stay informed of the latest fashion trends. By following leading designers on socials and examining influential fashion mags, she developed a knack for predicting upcoming styles.

Sarah learned about body-positive campaigns that promote inclusivity in fashion. Inspired by these movements, she revamped her portfolio with diverse outfits that celebrate all body types. When the chance came to apply as a model for Shein’s summer campaign, her expert knowledge of trends and fashion gave her an advantage. She presented herself as a trendsetter who could represent the brand’s mission.

By keeping up with industry trends and fashion, Sarah not only achieved her dream job but also opened a path for other aspiring models. Her story is a reminder that staying knowledgeable, inventive, and adaptable in the ever-changing fashion landscape is key to success in plus size modeling.

Handling rejection and staying motivated

  1. Develop a strong support system to cope with rejection. Connect with friends, family, or other models who understand the industry, and get their encouragement and advice.
  2. Use rejections as chances to grow. Analyze feedback, figure out what needs to be improved, and work on your skills and portfolio.
  3. Maintain a positive outlook. Remind yourself of your strengths, unique qualities, and why you’re modelling. Visualize achieving your goals and stay motivated.
  4. Network to increase opportunities. Attend fashion shows and open casting calls to meet people in person and show off your talent. Engage with insiders to get noticed and reach success.
  5. Keep pursuing your plus size modelling dreams!


The plus-size modeling industry has experienced a rise in recent years. Working with Shein is a great chance to demonstrate body positivity and express your exclusive style. To become successful, utilize these tips!

  1. Put together a portfolio consisting of professional photographs that display your character and flexibility. Opt for stylish outfits that complement your body type and keep up with fashion trends. Consider teaming up with local photographers and taking part in photo shoots to snap wonderful pictures for your portfolio.
  2. Research and use social media networks such as Instagram to create a powerful online presence. Share your photos often and utilize related hashtags to gain the notice of potential customers and agencies. This will make you more visible within the industry, and attract offers from labels like Shein.
  3. It is also important to network. Take part in fashion-related events, join modeling agencies, and form relationships with knowledgeable professionals in the field. Making connections within the industry can give you access to different modeling chances, including working with Shein.
  4. Furthermore, take care of your overall health by living a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and self-care regimens contribute to both physical fitness and self-confidence. Staying healthy is crucial for achieving success as a plus-size model.

“Business of Fashion” recognizes Shein as one of the quickest-growing e-commerce companies globally due to its fashionable clothing options at reasonable prices.

Keep in mind that persistence is key in any competitive industry; stay true to yourself while embracing new adventures on this satisfying journey to becoming a Shein plus-size model!

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