what three items of information did god give rebekah about her unborn sons? use complete sentences.

God gave Rebekah insights about her unborn sons. These revelations were important, as they shaped the destiny of the children who’d become nations.

  1. God showed her she had two nations in her womb. Her twins, Esau and Jacob, would be important for their people’s future.
  2. God also revealed what the boys would do. The elder son would be subservient to his younger sibling – a surprise to Rebekah.
  3. Lastly, she learned about their characters. One would be rugged and outdoorsy, while the other would be more serene and domestic.

These insights must have been incredible to Rebekah. God gave her knowledge to help her be a better mother. Bible scholars like Dr. Tim Mackie from The Bible Project say this is in Genesis 25:21-28.

Background information on Rebekah and her unborn sons

Rebekah found herself with two unborn children. God then made known to her three pieces of info about them. This divine revelation was important and would shape their future.

God shared that two nations were in her womb. These would conflict with one another for generations to come. This was a heavy responsibility for Rebekah, as a loving mother.

He further revealed the two children were more than siblings. They’d have a rivalry that would affect their destinies.

Finally, God told Rebekah of each child’s personal calling. Esau would be a powerful nation in war. Jacob, wise and cunning, would be a patriarch of a great nation.

Rebekah’s encounter with God was life-changing. We too can receive divine insights if we seek God. Don’t let fear stop you from fulfilling your purpose and imparting wisdom to those around you. The future is in our hands. Let us approach it with faith!

The three items of information God gave Rebekah

To learn about the three items of information God gave Rebekah regarding her unborn sons, dive into the following sub-sections: First item, which provides detailed information on the first item; Second item, which provides detailed information on the second item; and Third item, which provides detailed information on the third item. Explore the divine revelations bestowed upon Rebekah in anticipation of her sons’ future.

First item: [Provide detailed information on the first item]

God gave Rebekah a divine promise. It said she would be the mother of two nations. Let’s explore this amazing piece of info!

Item Recipient Content Meaning Significance
Divine Promise Rebekah Mother of two nations Her descendants will be many Impact on world history

This had a special significance. It told of events to come, and shaped the fate of nations.

The Bible confirms this. Rebekah had twin sons: Esau and Jacob. They founded Edom and Israel. These had a big role in the ancient Near East, showing God’s promise was true.

Second item: [Provide detailed information on the second item]

God gave Rebekah some info. It showed the number and gender of the children she would have. The number was two sons, as twinsEsau and Jacob. One was a boy (Esau) and the other also a boy (Jacob).

This knowledge gave Rebekah insight into her role as a mother and her future legacy. She could prepare for the joys and challenges ahead, and also understand the importance of each child’s destiny.

Knowing our roles and responsibilities in life can give us clarity and guidance for the journey.

Third item: [Provide detailed information on the third item]

God gave Rebekah a third item of knowledge. This important piece of information would steer her destiny. So, let’s take a look at it!

We can use a table to show the details of this revelation:

Item Received Details
Third Item [Provide detailed information]
Knowledge Enlightened wisdom
Purpose Guide Rebekah’s path
Impact Change her course
Importance Vital to her journey

There’s more to this third item. It holds great power. It unlocks secrets and helps navigate through life’s difficulties. Ancient mythology has a story similar to this. The god Apollo bestowed prophecy upon Cassandra. But, it was cursed to be disbelieved. This is a reminder that divine guidance needs hard work to achieve its purpose.


Rebekah was given three key pieces of information about her unborn sons from God:

  1. She was to give birth to two nations.
  2. The older son would serve the younger.
  3. One son would be stronger than the other.

These details carry great meaning and consequences for Rebekah’s future children. Two nations coming from her offspring suggests a division and tension between them. This would go against traditional birthright and inheritance expectations.

The fact that one son would be stronger than the other reveals that physical strength isn’t the only measure of power and influence. It could be intellectual or emotional prowess too.

From this, we can learn lessons:

  1. Unexpected changes can lead to growth and development.
  2. Strength comes in many forms. Valuing diverse strengths will create more inclusive societies.

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